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About Us


We are a team of young enthusiasts who would like to help others to help themselves improve their quality of life.

Our core business is the sales of educational and informative products (manuals, courses, and similar) from various fields of practical life, organized in thematic packages and offered at a flat price.


To provide efficient and easily accessible sales services directed towards enhancing the quality of life of our customers.


Be an example of excellence in design and sales of useful and value-for-money products packages meeting the practical needs of inquisitive and self-development oriented individuals, regularly adding new packages on offer and refreshing the web-materials palette.


  • selling the most reliable & interesting products possible
  • upholding continuous quality of products
  • customer-orientation
  • encouraging clients to face new challenges, self-educate and develop themselves as forward-thinking individuals
  • exhibiting environmental awareness in everything we do
  • usefulness to clients and the community at large
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